The Christian Overcomers 

A Letter from Lisa

 Dear Friend,

     My wonderful Overcomers Camp days started in August of 1993.
I have attended ever since.  I enjoy it so much that I look
forward to returning every year.  I attend every camp held by
Christian Overcomers which is three a year.  It's really hard
for me to leave at the end of the sessions I  always end up
crying.  I don't know  what I would do without Christian

     When I started going to camp I  was 22 years of age.  I
made the choice to put Jesus Christ first in my life at age 19
after a teacher of mine witnessed to me.  Camp is extra special
to me because I didn't grow up in a Christian home, so I try to
be the light of Christ for my family.

      The fellowship that is between the campers and staff of
Christian  Overcomers is a bond like no other.  We can help
each other through our limitations because there we all have
limits in one form or another.  The body of Overcomers is proof
that Jesus Christ can and does use all of us  that love Him in
very special ways to glorify Christ.  Every camp is like a big
family reunion because we catch up with each other and share
our victories with one another as well as our trials.

     The volunteers that God allows us to have for the week are
really neat people.  They help us in many ways during the week.
They're there to be models of Christ for us.  By helping us with
personal care if need be.  The other roles are just as important.
They are also wonderful prayer partners too which is such a
blessing to me.  I've had some very special volunteers over the
years that I've attended.  They are Kate Martin and Mary Jayne

     I have so many favorite activities at camp.  I love having
Chapel services twice daily.  The talent show is great fun for
me.  I really enjoy the swimming pool at Spruce Lake Retreat.
Christian Overcomers was an outlet for me to get baptized It was
something I had prayed about doing since my salvation in 1991.
I know that God was working it out for me for over two years.
My Baptism took place in August of 1993.  It was very nice to
have my Overcomers brothers and sisters celebrate this special
event with me.  The Pastor for that event was Scott Mitchell.

     I urge you to support this worthy ministry.  It's my prayer
that you'll support us.

     Thank you,

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